Venice Nutrition has helped thousands of clients with our various programs. Each presentation listed below is
45 minutes in length and can be used individually or combined for longer programs.

Each Presentation Includes:

  • Customized Marketing Material more >>
    Our creative team designs client specific marketing materials to communicate with and inspire your employees.
  • Online System more >>
    All attendees will receive their own personalized nutrition program for 1 month through our online system. Monthly discounted packages are also available for continued support >>

List of Presentations:

  • Kick Off Presentation more >>Our Kick off presentation is a powerful and effective 45 minute presentation geared to rally your team to engage in wellbeing. Our professional speaker will motivate and inspire as we educate your staff on 5 simple steps on how to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Get It Started! more >>Learn how to implement the 5 aspects of health into your daily routine and understand the importance of each element of the health structure.
  • Rev It Up! more >>Get educated on how Nutrition/Fitness impacts your personal life as well as increases your value to the company.
  • Stay The Course! more >>Demonstrates how to maintain health as a lifestyle, provides useful tips and tools for times when balance is not an option.
  • The New You! more >>Venice Nutrition will help you explore and identify the obstacles and the successes to keep you Living your best life forever.
  • Travel Made Easy more >>Companies who rely on personal contact with their customers can gain a competitive edge by learning how to increase focus and energy, exhume self confidence and present to clients in a clear concise manner. This is an informative presentation particularly helpful for those who travel frequently. We will provide helpful tips for eating in restaurants, managing a day of air travel, reducing jet lag and feeling your best while on the road.
  • Office Overhaul With Easy Ergonomics more >>An interactive presentation by Dr. Bryen Bell (Beverly Hills Chiropractor and IBNFC Board member) to engage employees in the 10 step ergonomic process and educate on the spine, brain, organ and health connection.
  • Cultivate Healthy Habits for Chaotic Times more >>Prepare to be amazed as our VN speaker gets to the bottom of what to do when your normal routine is altered. It is one thing to take care of yourself when all is well and in order. We will show your staff how to handle wellbeing when life shows up, how to get back on track quickly and tips to become consistent in an inconsistent environment.

A New Level of Thinking

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