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“How Wonderful it is that Nobody need wait a Single Moment to Change the World” - Ann Frank

I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years and in the last couple of years I’ve changed more lives than in all my years combined .. I’d call that “Success”

I came to the United States in the early 90’s. Los Angeles allowed me to make my passion my career and when you can do that it rarely seems like work.

From being a young teenager I was involved in competitive sports, sprinting turned into the unique world of bodybuilding and the quest for information started early.

20 + years of books and lectures, seminars and courses and I had a pretty good gig being a Personal Trainer is LA.

I was very confident about my skill set and my ability to communicate it, I was changing lives one person at a time. There were however frustrations that I didn’t seem to be able to overcome.

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Joanne Lee
Fitness Expert, Nutrition Coach, Wellness Speaker + Author

I have always had a passion for the Fitness Industry. I focused on Natural Bodybuilding for years and created my own video training system. As I moved more into the business side of fitness I decided to Franchise 3 Fitness Togethers. We have seen tremendous success through the years.. We have built a great team of personal trainers and most important our clients get great results.

I am always looking for things that can provide our clients with an overall better experience and education. I realized that our Training system is at a high level and unfortunately our nutrition advice was average. In September 2008 it was time to find a Nutrition Program that would provide the same cutting edge information as our training system.

As I researched nutrition programs, Venice Nutrition was by far the best in all categories, Philosophy, Support, Infrastructure, Marketing and most important the program works for all types of clients, whatever the goal.

I decided to License the Venice Nutrition Program and it has provided my business with everything we needed in Nutrition and Wellness. The Program gets clients fantastic permanent results and educates them through the process... the Certification and Support system has taken each Personal Trainers skill set to another level... The Marketing Material has provided a stronger connection within the community, we now have a relationship with the Subway location in Alpharetta, GA. The Wellness support has allowed us to partner with local businesses and provide personal training and nutrition coaching for their staff and do Lunch and Learn Presentations... Basically the partnership with Venice Nutrition has enhanced every aspect of my business.

In addition there has been a very positive Return on Investment, their Licensing Package is extremely affordable and the ROI is almost immediate. Our gross revenue has increased in all areas and the nutrition has become very profitable for our business.

If you want to provide your clients with the nutrition guidance they deserve and the Nutrition and Wellness Program your business needs, then Venice Nutrition is your Solution.

Russ Yeager
Owner and CEO of Fitness Together Health Clubs

I'd been referring my physical therapy patients to Venice Nutrition for years with amazing results. I even became a client of VN myself, and a walking success story of the program. Early in my relationship with Venice Nutrition, the coach I referred patients to approached me about getting certified. At that time, I firmly believed that as a physical therapist, I should stick to my niche, and send patients to someone else for nutritional counseling.

When the economy took a downturn, I began looking for an additional revenue stream. Mark MacDonald told me that when implementing VN into an existing business, you typically see a 30% increase in revenue within 3 months. My staff and I got certified, and even in this market, Mark’s prediction came true!

Venice Nutrition is now a core aspect of my business. I am so grateful to be able to empower people in yet another way, while improving the earning potential of my whole staff! This has been a huge morale boost for an already positive staff, and I wish I had done it sooner!

Stacy Hosp
Physical Therapist, Nutrition Coach + Wellness Speaker

As a Corporate Wellness & Performance Business, we've always understood the importance of Nutrition in the Health Industry. We were looking for a Program that was scalable and could provide our business with a wellness system.

Business owners wear many hats. What we found with Venice Nutrition is that they make those multiple roles easy for you.

They provide a complete business model that covers all the essentials: Education, Support, Marketing, Websites, Management Tools, Advanced Nutrition & Fitness Coaching and Speaker Training.

The moment we began licensing the system it had an immediate positive impact on our business. The impact came in the form of health challenges launched at our corporate centers, as well as the clients from our Performance Centers beginning to experience better energy, body fat loss and increased mental sharpness.

By partnering with Venice Nutrition we achieved our goal of providing our clients with a nutrition program that yields permanent results.

Source Fitness
Corporate Wellness and Performance Studios

I played in the NFL for 12 years and was always interested in owning a Health Club. Being a professional athlete you have the best facilities and information available at your finger tips. When I retired and became a part owner in The Forum Athletic Club (2 locations) I realized that there were not many quality nutrition programs available for our members.

Most programs were designed around taking supplements or calorie deprivation, overall they seemed very unrealistic for people with busy lifestyles to work into their lifestyle.

I wanted to find a Program that would work for all of our members, who are a mixture of , athletes, working professionals, stay at home moms, and members with medical challenges. I was referred to Venice Nutrition by another Health Club located in Boston Massachusetts . They license the Venice Nutrition program and their members experience fantastic results and the Club has seen a big increase in revenue from nutrition coaching and from wellness programs with local businesses.

It sounded like the exact type of program we were looking for and it was. We launched Venice Nutrition consulting practices in both Clubs and it has been a great addition. The majority of our trainers became certified by Venice Nutrition and we now have many non trainers certified. We have built quite a nutrition team. Besides all the obvious benefits, better member results & retention, increase revenue stream in personal training (clients who get results want to keep training) and a strong increase in revenue from nutrition consulting… the best part of the partnership with Venice Nutrition is how they train each Nutrition Coach on how to Network and Market outside of the Health Club. We all know what it costs to get a new member and with Venice Nutrition we have been able to cobrand on all the marketing pieces and make an great impact in the community, drive new members into the club all without investing any additional dollars into marketing.

With Venice Nutrition, both of our clubs now have a complete solution for members. I strongly recommend the entire Venice Nutrition Program, Certification and Licensing.

Dan Owens
COO and Part Owner, The Forum Athletic Club

I have been working with Venice Nutrition and Mark Macdonald since 2001 and as a result of that relationship, I have grown both personally and professionally. Mark is truly the most passionate, genuine, and inspirational person I know, and is committed to improving the quality of people’s lives through health, nutrition, and fitness. Over the years, my clients have had tremendous success in working one-on-one with Mark and the system he developed.

With his expertise in nutrition and understanding and experience in business development, Mark’s leadership has supported me and my business in reaching my goals of connecting to more people to assist them in their fitness and health, providing better service to my current clientele, and allowing me to expand my business to create a stream of passive revenue.

Having my own personal training business, I discovered that it was a challenge to have real growth potential because I was acting as a one-man show with only so many clients I could work with in a day, and a limited amount of billable hours. In addition to being the trainer, I am also the bookkeeper, salesman, and CEO. It really leaves little time to spend thinking about how to grow my business. Venice nutrition has been able to provide that opportunity for my business and for me.

Licensing the Venice Nutrition Program has provided my business with a scalable Nutrition and Wellness System. The Certification Process provides the education and support each nutrition coach needs and the VN Workplace Wellness Partner Program provides all the necessary tools to engage businesses, present Lunch and Learns, and enroll the business into a wellness program.

The partnership between Advanced Athletics and Venice Nutrition has taken my business to another level. The service to my clients has improved, and so has my business revenue streams & overall net profits.

Licensing the Venice Nutrition Program is one of the smartest moves I’ve made in the development of Advanced Athletics.

Adam Friedman
Fitness Expert, Kinesiologist, Wellness Speaker & Author

You never know where life will lead you. Two years ago, Venice Nutrition was not part of my world. Now I can not imagine life without it. The impact Mark Macdonald and his creation, Venice Nutrition, have had on me personally and professionally is incredible. Mark helped me see that my experience of “yo yo” dieting was not something of which I had to be ashamed. Mark showed me that my past could, and eventually would, serve as a tool to help me relate to others in similar situations.

Venice Nutrition has enabled me to help others live a better, healthier life.

Venice Nutrition is so different from any other program out there. The wealth of information available to coaches is constant and cutting edge. Venice Nutrition has created an incredible foundation through which coaches can be propelled to greatness. There is unwavering support for coaches from Venice Nutrition. The goal is to make coaches efficient and effective so we can have the greatest impact on each individual.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to change people’s lives and that opportunity came because of Mark and Venice Nutrition. What better impact on someone than leading them to health? Nothing else matters as much as our health. To give people hope and to show them a clear and distinct path to a healthy lifestyle, based on science, is the best gift I can give. Through Venice Nutrition, I have touched my client’s lives and made them better. In turn, they have impacted their friends and family – further extending the good work of Venice Nutrition.

Because of the training Mark and Venice Nutrition provided me, I was able to land a large corporate client. I was given an opportunity to be in front of hundreds of people searching for answers about their health. I was able to provide the answers they sought and help make health a priority in their lives.

I could never have accomplished what I have, without Mark and Venice Nutrition’s support and championing. This organization has given me a clear professional purpose: to help educate people on the health structure and to give hope in this world of magic diet pills and quick fixes. Even a few seemingly small changes can have an enormous impact on a person’s health. Mark Macdonald and Venice Nutrition lead people to make those changes.

Amy Henry
Nutrition Coach + Wellness Speaker

As a strength, conditioning and speech coach I found it was crucial for my clients to feed their bodies optimally. I worked mostly with Athletes who wanted to gain muscle and improve their strength and speed. I understood that to educate my clients about Nutrition, I first needed the education myself. The other stipulation was that I have other clients who focus on body fat loss, so whatever program I partnered with needed to work with both types of clients.

I chose to partner with Venice Nutrition because they are the best on the Market by far. Their Certification Process teaches you the physiology of the body and then how to teach those same ideas to your clients. In addition to that, their Support System is powerful… any question you have, any client you're working with, they provide a video, an audio file, a webinar, or another means of instruction that contains the answers. One of their most powerful tools is a live weekly coaching call that focuses on cutting edge information.

The education and software provided me with the skill set to take all of my clients to another level. My training has always been strong, and Venice Nutrition provided the final piece to the puzzle. In addition, by Licensing the System I immediately had a nutrition business. Venice Nutrition provided a complete Nutrition website as well as tools to manage all clients and leads.

Finally, the partnership also provided a powerful additional revenue stream. My business’ gross revenue increased by 30% in the first year through the addition of nutrition.

Venice Nutrition’s Business Package will take your business to a higher level.

Mark Hall
Strength, Conditioning and Speed Coach + Nutrition Coach

These are just a few of our Health Professional Testimonials, if you would like more please email Testimonials@Venicenutrition.com

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