My decision to become certified and involved with Venice Nutrition was one of the best decisions I have made in my life both personally and professionally. The Certification Process is thorough, structured and well organized. Mark MacDonald has taken a very complex subject, the physiology of the human body, and formatted it in such a way that is understandable, easily applicable and truly comes to life!

The ongoing education and support on all levels is second to none! I have been a Health Coach with Companies who provide very little education and almost no ongoing support. The Venice Experience is completely different!

As a Venice Nutrition Coach I know I am part of a team that is revolutionizing the nutrition, health and fitness world. Mark’s passion to continually provide cutting edge education grounded in scientific facts, and his ability and willingness to provide all of the training necessary to build a successful and thriving nutrition coaching business makes each day a new learning experience.

Weekly webinars provide us with in-depth knowledge on health issues and business development. Venice gives me the ability to coach individuals to permanent success and to impact the Business World through the highly developed Workplace Wellness Partnership Program.

As a Venice Nutrition Coach you will never “hunger” for Education, Motivation, Inspiration, and you will know that the Sky is the Limit!

Patti Driesell
Nutrition Coach + Wellness Speaker

As an NSAM certified personal trainer, I was teaching my clients how to get the most effective work out in the gym. But as we all know, the hard work is what you do at home. Many of my clients did not have a Health Structure in place, including knowing how to fuel your body to reach your fitness goals. Venice Nutrition has given me the tools and knowledge to coach my clients to reach their goals.

I am able to reach all types of clientele, those who need to drop body fat, those who want to be healthier, athletes, and even children. Venice Nutrition provides all the support, training and user friendly software to assist me as I further my education. Not only are my clients seeing better results and living healthier lives, but I have also increased my revenue by taking on clients who want a solid and proven Nutrition program.

Beth Webster
Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer + Wellness Speaker

I was introduced to Venice Nutrition as a client. I came into the program very close-minded, thinking I knew all there was to nutrition as it related to weight training and athletics. I thought educating myself through fitness magazines and websites was enough of an educational foundation to allow me to change my body permanently.

What I didn’t know as I wasted time reading countless articles and training websites, was that the majority of the information I was relying upon was based primarily on fitness myths and hearsay passed from personal trainer to personal trainer. Frustrated by the slow, and then stagnant, pace of my improvement, I signed on with Venice Nutrition. Through Venice Nutrition, I received an education on the body, based on science. Venice Nutrition taught me to eat balanced meals consistently throughout the day with the proper ratios of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates. As a result, I was able to regulate my blood sugar and metabolism, and I found I had more – and better yet, more consistent - energy throughout my day. With the Venice Nutrition Program and the help of my own coach, I was finally able to reach my goals of gaining lean mass and shedding the body fat that had previously covered the physique I was working so hard on. Most importantly, I learned how to make my body work for me, for life. Venice Nutrition gave me back control of my body, my health, and ultimately my life. Venice Nutrition isn’t a quick-fix diet, it’s a lifestyle. It has given me the tools I needed to reach my goals and maintain for life, giving me a self-confidence that I hadn’t had before. The education and coaching I received from Venice Nutrition was a priceless gift.

I was so motivated through my results with Venice Nutrition and my desire to guide others to improved health and well-being, I chose to become a nutrition coach and license a consulting practice.

The Certification process was as powerful as my coaching program as a client. The information and support educated me on the exact science of the body and delivered the information in a way that was easy to comprehend and most important teach my clients. Getting certified was the first step and the momentum kept going…through Venice Nutrition’s Support I was able to Partner with a Health Club with 8 locations.

I have been able to successfully work with 100’s of clients and now have a team of nutrition coaches that work for my Consulting Practice… my next step is wellness.

I have been with Venice Nutrition as client, coach , and now business owner…. The amazing thing is every step was fairly simple because of the infrastructure and support VN provides.

I strongly recommend all of Venice Nutrition’s services, they are by far the best on the market.

Don MacLellan
Nutrition Coach

"Life’s deepest experience is the joy that fills our hearts when we love and give to others."

My experience with Venice Nutrition began as a client. What I initially thought was another attempt to lose weight actually became so much more. Yes, I lost weight; in addition, I found peace, energy, and the ability to meet the daily demands of my life. What I actually achieved was a “way of life” and the genuine passion and inspiration to help others!

I love the joy I feel when I can make a difference in the life of another. Becoming a certified Venice Nutrition coach provides an amazing vehicle in helping others. I think it is so important to help others understand that there is a definite and clear “process” to developing and maintaining a healthy life! I know I would definitely not be where I am today without my “coach” and the Venice Nutrition Program; a process that has changed my life and the lives of thousands of others…permanently!

Paula Lippert
Nutrition Coach

As a successful certified personal trainer, my certification with Venice Nutrition has provided me with a whole brand new skill set that allows me new opportunities to improve the quality of life for my clients, friends and my own family. Every day, I am surprised by the progress that I’ve made & how far I’ve come in less than 1 year. Mark Macdonald and Venice Nutrition has truly inspired me to want to be great at what I do.

They have taught me how the power of understanding the process allows me to touch so many lives and make them better! I am continually enhancing my education by having access to cutting edge technology, weekly conference calls, webinars, unlimited audio, video, email and phone support. Most importantly, I have developed higher self confidence at becoming a better coach.

I have also been able to inspire others to want to do the same. My clients are achieving fantastic results and have been so inspired by my coaching techniques that some have decided to pursue a certification in Nutrition as well. That truly taught me the power of coaching!

Finally, as a Venice Nutrition Coach, I have new possibilities how to take my skill set to the next level. Whether it is Workplace Wellness, Business Development, Consulting or one-on-one coaching, thanks to Venice Nutrition I can continue my passion for fitness and nutrition down any path I choose.

Lori Davis
Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer + Wellness Speaker

I have 3 words: Venice Nutrition rocks! I started with Venice as a client about 6 years ago. Through Mark Macdonald's motivation, knowledge and compassion, I was able to reach my goals and surpass them. Venice Nutrition was not just another "diet", it educated me on how my body worked and how to properly eat for the rest of my life.

Because working with Mark and his company was such a profound life changing experience for me, I became a certified Nutrition Coach. This move launched my personal training business to another level by enabling me to further educate my clients on how their bodies worked.

Venice Nutrition is not just another certification program. The company continually strives to educate their coaches and members on every aspect of health, not just nutrition and exercise, but most importantly, how to improve one's quality of life and make those choices last a lifetime.

The weekly and monthly webinars are fantastic and keep us constantly informed on what is going on in the health industry. The support that Venice offers is second to none. Anytime, day or night, questions are answered and we build together as a team to make us leading health professionals.

The thoroughness of the company exceeds far beyond any other certification program I have ever worked with. I recommend Venice Nutrition to any person or health professional who wants to make a difference!

Erika Jacobson
Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer + Wellness Speaker

Before I found the Venice Nutrition Program, I experienced the same struggles that we all have in the gym. I found myself working tirelessly in the gym only to get moderate results. After I became certified not only did I learn how to overcome these obstacles but I also learned how to educate others on the process, leaving me with a feeling that I have been set up to win.

Venice Nutrition has shown me that they are a company that will always be showing other companies what it means to be “cutting edge”. They do not just stay ahead of the curve, they set the curve and they are committed to bringing their coaches with them. For this reason, getting certified with Venice Nutrition was and is the best decision I have ever made.

Matt Dean
Nutrition Coach

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